Hot Pressed Blazing Buffalo Chicken Sub at @delitecafedeli!🔥
Sandwiches at this cafe is so delicious! I really loved their special chipotle sauce. 😍 - @CHOWDOWNDETROIT VIA INSTAGRAM
“Oh my goodness! I'd have to re-write my monthly budget if I lived or worked near this place. Definitely a standout sandwich!

We popped in for a late lunch before a DCFC match this weekend and were very pleased. The menu is fairly large, but not so big that it's overwhelming. I went with the Supreme Sub which has roast beef and turkey, with the typical toppings. The sub was EXCELLENT, with Boar's Head meats (the roast beef was tender and perfectly medium) and some amazing bread that was delightfully crispy and soft. She got a custom turkey and cheddar with oil/vinegar... a sandwich that sounds too boring to be good... but it was just as delicious.

The space is cute and cafe-ish, and they've got plenty of seating in the back room. Staff was friendly and helpful. Prices are pretty reasonable too... two subs, a pop, chips, and coleslaw for a hair under $20. Not too shabby, especially for this kind of quality and flavor.”

- Jacoub F, Dearborn, MI VIA YELP

"When I read the high rating on Google and yelp I've decided to try this place and give it a try. Honestly they deserve 5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐🌟 best customer service and super clean place. The food was beyond amazing I tried #12 with fries combo one of the best meals I ever had with 100 % satisfaction."


“The sandwiches are amazing - Haven't had a bad one yet!   I work close by and they are quickly becoming a staple of my work weeks. The staff are very accommodating and wonderful; they really make this small deli a shining star.”